Tech Advantages

Tech Advantages

Tech Advantages

Cello Fiber-glass Case Producing ProocessGlance

Carbon-fiberand fiber-glass Case for musical instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar etc.

High Tech Cello Case, Violin case, ViolaCase and Guitar Case make musician and musical students happy all the way!

When you seek a case that can protect yourprecious instruments, you might be serious to set the selection criteria foryour cases. You must carefully study the wheels, the locks, and shell designand materials. It sounds like a trip to the local car dealership, but insteadyou're on a quest for that perfect around-town musical instruments case. Onethat will fit in the back seat or trunk of your car, or be light enough—andmanageable enough—to travel with you via bus or subway to classes, gigs, andlessons. Our purpose is to make your shopping experience a little easier andhappier.

Our musical instruments cases are 100%handmade. They have best quality/price ratio. Our Carbon-fiber and fiber-glassCase for musical instruments: Violin, Viola, Cello, Guitar etc. havecompetitive price, elegant design, lightweight, durability, a comfortablesuspension system, and secure locks (Germany locks in some models) andclosures. Furthermore, although most famous brand case models in carbon-fiberand fiber-glass materials are always very expensive, we like to break thisrule. We only sell them in value for money!

Fiber-glass Cello Case Assembing

Fiber-glass Cello Case Inside Checking Fiber-glass Cello Case Mold Checking

Hand-made Violin Producing Key Processes

Handmade Stringed Instruments

We have been dedicated to the stringed instruments for over ten years. We are professional stringed instruments provider. Our major productions cover violins, violas, cellos, basses(contrabasses), bows and all related accessories.

Our stringed instruments: violins, violas, basses (contrabasses) cellos, bows and all related accessories are always hand-made and each of parts of the instruments is finished with special attention.

The top of violins are made of experienced luthier and quality wood materials, which is excellent in sound transfer, while the accessories such as fingerboard, tuning peg and chin rest and so on, are all carefully made or selected by master! Of course, we supply fine student stringed instruments as well.

In the past, through excellent market performance of our stringed instruments we had established long-term cooperation with different dealers around the world. It made us reputable. Nowadays, our stringed instruments have covered full range line in this category. In an age where larger companies are dictated by profit and market share, we see differently. We pursue that more people can enjoy the music. Believe in Music!

Violin back shaving

Violin purfling making

Violin F hole making

Violin head sculpting

For cooperation please visit http://www.strings.aileenmusic.com/profile/self/dealer-wanted-c3c1

Unique Technology in Guitar Making

Cello Fiber-glass Case Producing Proocess Glance

Hand-made Violin Producing Key Processes

Unique Technology in Guitar Making

Unique technology in Guitar marking

Our guitars in Vintage series are all designed, supervised by guitar master makers, who have many years guitar making experience and excellent craftsmanship.

From the normal fan-bracing to particular lattice bracing system, from the traditional dove-tail neck joint to the hand-fitted neck-to-body joint, our guitar keep moving forward with the ever advancing new ideas.

Recently, we are trying to melt the technique of archback, lattice bracing, extremely thin sound board from classical guitars into the acoustic guitars, which have been performed with unique appearance and outstanding tone.

Active Neck- for Folk Guitar

Honeycomb Bracing- for Classic Guitar

Ten-pieces Bracing- For Folk Guitar

Hand-fitted Neck-to-body for Classic Guitar

Archback-6mm laminated board for Classic Guitar

For cooperation please visit http://www.a-violin.com/profile/self/dealer-wanted-c3c1

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