Core Competency

Core Competency

Who Am I
Aileen Music CO., LTD., isprofessional musical instruments supplier!
"Aileen" trademark has been registered in United States Patent andTrademark Office (Reg.No. 3109527) and International Bureau of the WorldIntellectual Property Organozation (WIPO) (International Registration No.849076) in musical instruments field. It will be protected by law in the USAand the EU market.
Also, “ Winzz ” will be our new trademark specially for high end musicalinstruments. It will be particularly designed and made to match musician’staste and requirements.
Our Mission
Our mission is to explore the growth opportunities for all musical instrumentsdealers through our personalized services and competitive products.
We will be the professional provider and supporter for the better music life.

Our Business
We are dealing with fine stringed instruments (violin, viola, cello,contrabass), bows, stringed accessories, case and bags, guitars, brass-wind andwoodwind instruments, and other related musical instruments from entry-level toprofessional level...
Why should You Deal With Us

-We provide personalized service to you.

- Wecan make you have a one-step purchase of various musical instruments which aremade by the experienced Chinese craftsmen.

-The quality of products is guaranteed by our unique quality control system.

- Wecan extend your choice of suppliers, for we have established close relationshipwith many of the leading manufacturers in China.

-We can give you a guarantee on high quality, in-time delivery and payment andexcellent after-sales service.

.OurCorporate Structure

Wehave five departments to support the whole business.

-SalesDepartment- Their major fuction is to exhange all information with theclients..

-ProductsDepartment- They focus on the development and marketing of products. Theirgoal is to provide clients with products which best satisfy their need atproper time.

-MarketingDepartment- They gather information from the global markets to support theproducts department in drawing up sales programs.

-QCand Production Planning- They focus on production management and qualityinspection.

-Logistics-They are working on all shipping arrangement, certificates application andother work related to logistics.



OrderProcessing Procedures

Order processing procedures


Assign Account service

Clarifying the particular requirements and consolidating customized order

Selecting the distinct manufacturer for the A/C

Confirming and signing the contract with the client

Quality control program kicking off

Arranging all relevant logistics & documents

Delivering the goods on time & closing the deal

A/C service Evaluating

Our MainTrade Terms

-Orders will be taken under a down payment of 30% of the total payment.

-T/T in advance or L/C at sight.

Production lead-time:

-Musical instruments-around 45-60 days.

-Accessories of musical instruments-30-45 days.